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    High efficiency / Premium / Super Premium Motors

    IEC 60034-30; 2008
    IEC 60034-30:2008 defines three International Efficiency (IE) classes of single speed, three phase, cage induction motors. Additionally, IEC/TS 60034-31 specifies efficiency class IE4.

    - IE1 = Standard efficiency (EFF2 in the former European classification scheme)
    - IE2 = High efficiency (EFF1 in the former European classification scheme and identical to EPAct in USA for 60 Hz)
    - IE3 = Premium efficiency (identical to "NEMA Premium" in the USA for 60Hz)

    Efficiency levels defined in IEC 60034-30 are based on tests methods specified in IEC 60034-2-1: 2007.

    Compared to the former European efficiency classes defined by the CEMEP agreement has been expanded.

    IEC 60034-30 covers almost all motors (for example standard, hazardous area, marine, brake motors):
    - Single-speed, three-phase, 50 Hz and 60 Hz
    - 2, 4 or 6-pole
    - Rated output from 0.75 to 375 kW
    - Rated voltage UN up to 1000 V
    - Duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with a rated cyclic duration factor of 80% or higher
    - Capable of operating direct online