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Complementing Products

    • Supply and Installation of Total Lighting Points
    • Customized High and Mid-end Brands depending on Client’s budget/preference
    • Lighting Consultancy and Design



Danfoss AB-QM was the first of its kind control valve for HVAC heating and cooling applications. It is a control valve with automatic flow limitation and built-in differential pressure control functioning over the control valve. The result of this concept is a high performing control valve with a – still - unique valve authority of 100%. The design flow can easily be set to the needed amount by using a 20-100% scale. Simply setting the design flow replaces traditional commissioning processes, gives a much more accurate control and avoids Kv calculations for system designers.


Sono 3500 CT™ is an ultrasonic flow meter designed for heating, cooling or combined heat/cool applications in larger sized local and district energy systems. Combined with a type approved heating/cooling energy calculator (e.g. InfoCal™ 9) it offers energy metering capabilities in larger applications. The sensor is MID Class II certified.


Today’s sensitive electrical and electronic equipment requires clean power and protection against power surges generated both internally both from switching equipment and externally including lightning and occasionally utility switching. Computers, laser printers, copiers, electronic power supplies, variable speed drives and sensitive silicon-based microchips are sharing a common electrical system with traditional equipment, creating incompatibility. Modern equipment now, and in the future, requires the electrical system to be free of transients and surges. Simply put, sensitive modern electronics and processors cannot tolerate the high frequency transients, surges, and noise present in every electrical system.