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    DriveTech Industrial Corporation is the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF STERIL-AIRE in the Philippines.

    High Energy Germicidal UVC Solution

    Steril-Aire, a twenty-five year old company, is the leader in High Output UVC Emitters™ that are used worldwide for IAQ, AC energy saving, reduction in HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) and other benefits listed below. The UVC Emitter™ has been independently tested against all known competitors and they are typically, 5 times more powerful at normal AC operating temperatures.

    Steril-Aire's Benefits

    Number of Case Studies which confirm that Steril-Aire:

    • Destroys biofilm (mold, bacteria and viruses)] growing in the coils or stops it from growing
    • Automatically cleans the coils
    • Removes viruses, bacteria, mold mycotoxins/spores and VOCs from the circulating air
    • Provides partial protection against pandemics
    • Saves 10 to 20% of AC energy cost
    • Reduces the carbon footprint
    • Provides IAQ (up to 99.9%) air free of air-borne viruses bacteria and mold
    • Improves health of occupants and reduces absenteeism
    • Reduces Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
    • Saves coil maintenance labor and coil cleaning material cost
    • Increases life of "down-stream" HEPA filters
    • Increases life of coil and chillers
    • Allows for the grey water use of the AHU condensate
    • Reduces bacteria on food
    • Normally provides "pay back" in less than one year

    Not all UVC is created equal
    EPA Report

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have published the results of an ongoing test into UVC Emitters™ and UVC lamp’s ability to destroy mold, bacteria and viruses. (Full report available at

    As the different test participants provided different size and number of lamps to be tested, the data was analyzed and a graph was prepared showing the dose per electrical watts. (Please find attached).

    The test confirmed that, on average, Steril-Aire’s Emitters are 6 times more effective than the competition.

    Hospital Acquired Infections

    Four case studies (Lehigh Valley Fertility Clinic, Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Lower Bucks County Hospital of Philadelphia and Florida Hospitals) indicate that the inclusion of the Steril-Aire at the coil reduces Hospital Acquired Infections by as much as 40% and increases the fertility success rate by 20%. At the same time, Hospital HVAC energy consumption has been reduced by up to 20%.


    The recent H1N1 Influenza Pandemic, the previous SARS epidemic, the potential Avian Flu and new strains of untreatable Tuberculosis have made building managers realize they need to provide their building occupants with protection. Steril-Aire's Emitters can eliminate up to 99.9% the circulation of viruses and bacteria within AC systems.

    Energy Savings and Carbon Foot Print

    A cooling coil kept continuously clean by Steril-Aire's Emitters is significantly more efficient than a coil that is periodically manually cleaned. Experience shows that Steril-Aire's Emitters save up to 10 to 20% of the AC energy costs and thereby reduce carbon emissions by 1 Metric Ton for each 1,607 kWh.

    Coil Cleaning Regulations

    Many countries (EU) now require mandatory inspections and coil cleaning standards. Steril-Aire Emitters will match or exceed any cleaning standards currently enforced.

    Many government institutions, hundreds of hospitals and thousands of companies around the world are committed to new environmental standards and are using Steril-Aire’s Emitters to achieve them, to improve “Sustainability” and at the same time, to enjoy the significant economic benefits derived from their use.

    Steril-Aire UVC: A serious and effective solution, backed by science, to a serious problem.

    By continuously cleaning HVAC evaporator coils and drain pans of mold and bacteria, Steril-Aire UVC helps reduce the largest single reservoir of pathogens at the source.   For those who require surface disinfection or in-room contaminant control, our specialty hand-held and in-room products are the answer.  Steril-Aire UVC is the future—the technology that drives a more efficient and cost-effective way to reduce pathogens in any environment without ozone or chemicals.

    Independent testing shows that Steril-Aire UVC Emitter germicidal lamps have the longest life and the highest output in our industry. All Steril-Aire UVC solutions are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 facility in Burbank, California. Steril-Aire is the ONLY UVC company to have achieved both ISO certifications.

    As the global leader in UVC for HVAC, Steril-Aire offers the largest selection of systems-engineered UVC solutions for surface and airstream decontamination. Steril-Aire is a name you can trust and the name you should turn to for real results, the right UVC solution at the right price, and a rapid return on your investment.

    Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and save energy, money and the environment with Steril-Aire UVC:
    - HVAC Coil and Airstream Solutions
    - In-Room & Handheld
    - Replacement Emitters and Parts
    - Accessories